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The Chamber Calls on the Orange County Commissioners to Approve the RTLP Proposal

The Chamber Calls on the Orange County Commissioners to Approve the RTLP Proposal

*The Chamber President and CEO, Aaron Nelson, and Vice President of External Affairs, Katie Loovis, both voiced support for the Research Triangle Logistics Park (RTLP) project on behalf of the 700+ members of the Chamber during the public hearing on Sept 22nd, which you can watch here (Loovis at 50:40 and Nelson at 1:44:10). The Chamber also submitted this letter of support for the RTLP project (below) to the Orange County Board of Commissioners on Monday, Sept 14th.  

Dear Orange County Commissioners,

Tomorrow evening, you will have before you one of the most significant and exciting development projects that we have seen proposed in Orange County in a generation: The Research Triangle Logistics Park (RTLP).
I am writing today to voice my personal and professional support for this project.  I also write to share with you the overwhelming and enthusiastic support of The Chamber for a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro and many of our more than 700 member organizations who employ 95,000 workers throughout our region.
This $150 million, 2.25 million square foot project offers so much value to our county. Just some of the many benefits:
  • RTLP will bring to life the thoughtful, long-standing (30+ year) vision for this economic development district.
  • RTLP will generate significant new county tax revenues, 50% of which will support our two public school systems.
  • RTLP will create hundreds of new jobs with benefits for our residents at or above the living wage.
We are confident that this project will attract the kind of commercial activity our community desires, including light manufacturing and distribution, both of which are low water users. This project develops a long established economic development district, preserves the Rural Buffer, and will not displace any residents. In addition, we have been pleased to observe that throughout the proposal process, the developer has met and exceeded all legal requirements and county expectations.

Finally, the timing of this project is ideal, as the pandemic has resulted in a significant economic contraction and a three-fold increase in unemployment in Orange County. Recruiting desirable commercial activity not only helps our tax base but offers hope for our residents in need of jobs and new work opportunities. Time is of the essence.

We hope you will agree that this great proposal is consistent with the purpose and intent of the Comprehensive Plan and the vision for the Hillsborough Economic Development District. The Chamber and I ask that you approve this proposal.


Aaron Nelson
Resident, Orange County

President and CEO, The Chamber For a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro
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